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Practice Area

admiralty and maritime law

Admiralty And Maritime Law


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Ships, boats and other watercraft are part of everyday life here in Maine and around the world. I am attorney Michael X. Savasuk, and for more than 35 years, I have worked tirelessly on behalf of individuals, corporations and other legal entities who have challenges involving admiralty and maritime law.

These types of cases involve laws that are decades old and/or written in a very legally dense language that often needs to be broken down to be understood. I take the time to work with each of my clients to ensure they fully understand their rights under such laws.

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Whether you are a vessel owner, operator, charterer, insurer, or you work on a ship or the dock, or are involved as a seaman in another way, you have rights that need to be protected in the event of an accident or another incident.

At the Law Office of Michael X. Savasuk, you will have the legal representation you need. I am committed to taking care of my clients, pursuing compensation or another resolution to the case that helps them, and their business move forward.

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