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Get To Know Me, Attorney Michael X. Savasuk

Unlike other admiralty law attorneys, I bring a broad, and likely unique perspective to my law practice because of my experiences. Over three decades ago, in 1986, I moved to Maine and opened my own practice.

What sets me apart, besides my decades of experience, is the insight I gleaned from attending and graduating from the Maine Maritime Academy, and my years serving as a deck officer on large oil tankers in the merchant marine. After that I went to law school and provided admiralty legal counsel to clients for a large admiralty firm in New York City, where I learned an incredible amount about the law and how it can be utilized to afford protections to those who work on the seas.

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More Than 30 Years Of Experience

While I am known for my work in admiralty and maritime law, I also handle commercial, civil, employment discrimination and personal injury litigation. I have decades of real life experience, and I’ve also worked as an adjunct admiralty law professor.

I have defended million-dollar claims, as well as obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts. One of my most acclaimed cases was a salvage case where I represented the captain and crew. I obtained the largest salvage award ever in the United States for my clients.

Let’s Talk About What You Need

I know that the law can be confounding for people who are not lawyers. I want you to understand your issue and know what type of help I can offer. This is why your first consultation with me is free. We can sit down and talk about what you are dealing with. In a free consult, there’s no obligation on your part to do anything further if you feel I can’t help your case.

Call my office at 207-517-7260 and let’s set something up. I can also be reached by using my contact email form. My office is in Portland and I serve clients throughout Maine. I’ve been an attorney since 1979.