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Understanding Your Rights Under Admiralty And Maritime Law

The laws that govern U.S. workers who are at sea or on the seaboard are known as admiralty or maritime law. There are several acts, doctrines and precedents that are used in these cases. As a ship owner, vessel operator or charterer, it can be exponentially helpful to work with a seasoned maritime attorney to ensure that you fully understand your rights, your options and how the law pertains to your specific case. As a worker on board you will also benefit from understanding the protections afforded to you.

I am attorney Michael X. Savasuk. I work with owners, operators and charterers on maritime issues and have for over 30 years; both in New York City, and here in Portland, Maine. As a former merchant marine officer, I understand what it’s like on a ship. I have a profound understanding as to what it takes to run a successful operation and the challenges to achieving that success.

Legal Remedies That Affect Maritime Workers

There are many protections for both passengers and people who work on the dock and onboard a ship. The following covers a basic view of these acts, claims and cures:

  • The Jones Act: An employer has certain obligations to uphold and ensure the safety of the crew.
  • Death on the High Seas Act: This act protects the families of workers who have died while working on a vessel at sea or in port.
  • Maintenance and cure: An employer has an obligation to cover medical expenses, transportation, food, lodging and pay if an employee is injured at work and cannot return immediately to the job.
  • Unseaworthiness claims: A ship’s owner can be held responsible for the injuries and for compensation if a passenger or crew member is injured because a ship or vessel is deemed unseaworthy.

Maine state law can be relevant to some issues that happen aboard ships. Ship/vessel owners and operators may also be named in other types of lawsuits.

A lien may be enacted, which can halt business and cause further complications and issues. As an attorney with over 30 years of maritime experience, I also offer guidance on financing issues.

Understanding the full scope of the issue, the laws at play and your options is crucial. I offer a free consultation so that you have the information you need to make clear decisions that support your livelihood and goals.

Act Now To Best Protect Yourself

After any issue at sea, it is imperative to immediately and fully investigate the matter.  I offer the maritime law skill, protection and advocacy you need to protect your well-being, investment and business. Call 207-517-7260 or connect with me via website contact email.